Call for papers: “Inequalities today. How important still is”

CALL FOR PAPERS  Sociology of Work 2016 no.4 (144)

Inequalities today:

How important work still is

                         Eds.Michele La Rosa, Enrica Morlicchio and Serge Paugam


The aim of this call for papers is the preparation of a special issue of the journal,Sociologia del Lavoro,dedicated to economic and social inequalities originating fromchanges in the labour market and in employment structures. This theme, traditionally a subject of debate among labour sociologists, has acquired a new relevance and, in
many ways, new implications in the current phase of recession. Despite this, the attention of the media, and consequently of public opinion, has often concentrated on the individual paths of poor people, analysed principally in their role as welfare clients or as failed welfare clients or concentrated on the emergence of new profiles of working poor. Furthermore, the increasingly frequent dissemination of economic statistics updates on labour market trends, at times in support of proposals or measures adopted in the field of employment policies, has fuelled an occasional debate which had led to the the most profound and lasting tendencies and transformations regarding the productive structure, employment and social conditions of workers and their families being overshadowed. (…)
Deadline for the presentation of the abstracts 15/01/2016
Accepted articles must then be sent no later than 15 July 2016

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