Call for papers : “Global Economic Crisis, Work and Employment”

Call for Papers

(Special Issue of Economic and Industrial)

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Global Economic crisis,
Work and Employment

Manuscript submission deadline: 1 september 2016
Areas for interest:
– What have been the implications of economic crisis on key employment priorities such as pay and conditions, workforce reduction, employee voice, and labour management relations?
– How have firms restructured and reorganised employment practices in light of the changing economic situation?
– How have trade unions responded to the changing environment?
– What are the implications of economic crisis from the perspective of employees?
– How and why have employer responses to crisis variedin relation to issues such as firm, sector, national contexts, and employee characteristics?
– How have responses to crisis compare with previous economic downturns ?
– How have responses and implications of economic crisis vary internationally
– Are there differences, for example,between co-ordinated market economies and liberal market economies, or economies severely/mildly impacted by the economic crisis?
– Which theories can best help us explainand understand the impact of economic crisis on work and employment?
– What are the implications of economic crisis for the future of work and employment?