Call for papers :”Practice-based approaches to working life studies”

Call for  Special issue :  Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies


“Over the last decades practice based approaches to the study of organizations, working life and work place learning has become increasingly popular among researchers. Characteristic of these approaches is an emphasis on the productive and reproductive features of activity as constitutive elements in bringing about, stabilizing and changing social order. In this perspective activity is not simply conceived as the sum of individual (inter)actions but also as an encompassing, potent and responsive order that morphs and shapes conduct. Thus these approaches see social practices – i.e. bundles of human activity –as the central unit of analysis. This ‘turn to practices’ has led many work life researchers to discard traditional social science dichotomies of structure/agency, macro/micro, physical/mental, outer/inner, rational actors/cultural dopes. Instead, the practice based approaches focuses on action intelligibility – how people respond to the actual conditions they encounter, and how they on a step by step basis tries to make sense of their experiences and give meaning to their worlds.” (…)




Date limite: 01/01/2015

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