“Globalization and International Labor Solidarity”

Appel à contributions 

Numéro spécial

Nordic Journal  of Working Life Studies

This special issue on Globalization and international labor solidarity welcomes article contributions and literature reviews in all fields of labor and working life studies – history, sociology, international development, economy, political science, business studies, industrial relations etc.

Below is some examples of possible themes and case-studies for articles:

Analyses of international trade union co-operation in historical perspective, on rank and file or top organizational level ; Union-NGO co-operation. International campaigns and solidarity movements. E.g. Clean Clothes Campaign, Asian Living Wage Alliance ; CSR and labor solidarity. Voluntary company regulation of labor rights and employment relations (Global Compact, Nordic and EU models of CSR). Social enterprises ; Migrant labor and trade union solidarity. Multicultural workforce, competition….




Date limite  : 15 Août 2013