Call for papers on “The Social Sustainability of Professional Working Lives in Modern Society”

Call for papers

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Sustainability Accounting, Management & Policy

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Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal

Societal, educational and economic changes over the last decade have resulted in growing interest in the sustainability of professional working lives. This special edition welcomes research which furthers an understanding of how individual employees, employing organisations and professions manage, or indeed mismanage the social sustainability of modern professionals’ lifestyles. Of particular interest, is how this occurs within accounting and business management workplaces. Papers can be theoretical, or empirical in nature. They can adopt a historical or contemporary perspective, and draw on a range of theoretical approaches. The social sustainability of professional working lives is a broad issue that covers many disparate but interconnected areas such as parenthood, climate change, migration and economic downturns. For example, there is a growing interest in employees’ work-lifestyle balance within modern society. Concern with work-lifestyle balance has witnessed the growth of flexible working arrangements, and raised an awareness of inter-generational differences in attitudes toward the work-lifestyle balance…




Deadline: May 2014





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